Here we have listed some answers to frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions, please send them to info@pronura.net
Yes, EQUO AKTIV® is natural and contains no preservatives or other artificial additives
Gel is the dosage form that can be best absorbed by the metabolism. Scientific studies show a metabolism of up to 95%. For comparison, most powdered or liquid products are around 20-25%
Due to the very high metabolism of up to 95%
No, the gel is valuable fiber at the same time and also has the ability to stimulate intestinal activity.
The gel is actually like a taxi. Our special production process enables us to embed the ingredients in the gel in such a way that it can get past the stomach acid and into the intestine without being damaged. Due to the long residence time in the intestine, the ingredients can be absorbed to such a high degree via the intestine. The taxi (gel) then leaves the intestines via the faeces.
EQUO AKTIV® is 100% Made in Germany and is manufactured by Berry.En.
In 2009, Berry.En was the first company to start developing and manufacturing functional gel products without preservatives and is now the market leader. This many years of know-how has flowed into EQUO AKTIV®.
Yes, there are, both for the gel itself and for the hydrolyzed protein used.
Most of the conventionally known ingredients enable improvements, for example by reducing inflammation, lubricating, etc. EQUO AKTIV® is different. Through the use of a special collagen, it is scientifically proven that the cartilage metabolism can be stimulated to such an extent that worn cartilage can form again. This is a significant advance in animal health and increases quality of life.
Yes, EQUO AKTIV® is doping-free and can be used in both high-performance and amateur riding.
For best results it is important to feed 2 gels per day. Simply snap off the top of the cap and squeeze the contents of the geplackt for the food - done.
Because this way we can ensure the freshness of the product and feeding without preservatives.
This is certainly dependent on the size, age and use of the horse. You should definitely not go below the period of 3 months. This is also the period over which the studies were made. Since the horse doesn't lie, you can certainly see the progress in the type of movement, and often earlier.
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